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Being digital is not 9 to 6 work, It empowers to keep the business running 24x7 and we take it seriously managing our client's work round the clock.


The success of our client inspires us everyday to keep innovating and growing businesses as we cover entire digital landscape as a service.

Digital Strategy
We do a bottom up consultative approach to understand your business, your key objectives and possible USPs, competitors and thus define highly innovative and aggressive strategies leveraging all of the digital media and at some cases, even on ground.
Product Development
Digital with technology is like imagining Tom without Jerry. Technology enables the digital efforts to amplify at a rocket pace and we develop strategy for apps and websites, resulting in delightful UX.
Leads Generation
Generating prospects for a business is not just about spending money in Ads, customers look at many different things before making a purchase and every vertical has to be perfectly worked on and this has always been our goto market philosophy for leads generation
Social Media Marketing
Social media is rapidly becoming a source of mainstream news, views and reviews. Our high octane team works across all social channels like Facebook, Google, LinkedIN, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Sharechat to make sure we reach the right audience in a scalable way
Search Engine Management
We manage and optimise your website to make it fast and accessible across all platforms and work around extensive strategy to be visible on search engines
Content Development & Marketing
Our creative and geeky writers create quality content in all formats - Blogs, Gif's, Images, Videos, PPTs, Brochures to make you stand apart from Noise
Designing & Video Production
Content consumption patterns have changed globally, users are moving from text based content to graphical, that conveys a lot in an image or videos that has the power of communicating a story in 2 mins, We at B&B through our in-house creative team make use of design and videos to convey powerful messages for our clients
Influencer Marketing & Celebrity Promotions
Influencer marketing is much hyped jargon in Digital Marketing, We have setup proprietary processes to enable a high impact campaign through right set of 'genuine' Influencers. We have also partnered with successful celebrities to help our clients avail promotional, branding services at shared costs to make the dream of branding businesses possible through a known face across the globe  
Strategic Projects
Whether you have a product launch planned or series of events to promote. You may have a diversification plan in mind or still figuring out scaling an existing idea or solving a problem in your business, At B&B we are a team of proven consultants & executioners having worked globally in large to very large scale campaigns and projects and work like your in-house marketing & strategy team
Community Building
Many a times, it's just not about revenue, many strategies require building of large communities for a later monetisation goals. At B&B we are proud to have worked for India's largest community build up campaigns, CSR Campaigns executing it from ideation to results & further monetisation

Data, our Nucleus

Everything we do, Everything we think, Data is at the core of it to take intelligent decisions with guts powered by experience, We make sure our clients understand every data point we share and together we take decisions that grows the business

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